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IoT and AI Technologies for Sustainable Living: A Practical Handbook / Abid Hussain, Garima Tyagi, Sheng-Lung Peng

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 9780367507114

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Brings together all the latest methodologies, tools and techniques related to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in a single volume to build insight into their use in sustainable living. The areas of application include agriculture, smart farming, healthcare, bioinformatics, self-diagnosis systems, body sensor networks, multimedia mining, and multimedia in forensics and security. Provides a comprehensive discussion of modeling and implementation in water resource optimization, recognizing pest patterns, traffic scheduling, web mining, cyber security and cyber forensics. It will help develop an understanding of the need for AI and IoT to have a sustainable era of human living. The tools covered include genetic algorithms, cloud computing, water resource management, web mining, machine learning, block chaining, learning algorithms, sentimental analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Subject: Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing with IoT, Internet of things, IoT with Artificial Intelligence in Health Care, IoT in Agriculture for Smart Farming, Machine Learning, Water Resource Management using AI, Machine Learning and NLP, Natural Language Processing and Translation with Machine Learning, AI, Text and Multimedia Mining through Machine learning, IoT and Block chaining, Sentimental Analysis with Web Mining, Cloud Computing with Big Data, Digital Marketing, Artificial intelligence Industrial applications, Green technology, Internet of things Industrial applications, Machine learning Industrial applications, Sustainable living Technological innovations