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Playing Smart : On Games, Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence / Julian Togelius

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 9780262039031

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Explores the connections between games and intelligence to offer a new vision of future games and game design. Video games already depend on AI. We use games to test AI algorithms, challenge our thinking, and better understand both natural and artificial intelligence. In the future, Togelius argues, game designers will be able to create smarter games that make us smarter in turn, applying advanced AI to help design games. In this book, he tells us how.0Games are the past, present, and future of artificial intelligence. In 1948, Alan Turing, one of the founding fathers of computer science and artificial intelligence, handwrote a program for chess.

Subject: Artificial intelligence, Intellect, Intelligence, Intelligence artificielle, Jeux vidéo Aspect psychologique, Jeux vidéo Conception, Pensée, Thinking, Thought and thinking, Video games Design, Video games Psychological aspects