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Intelligent interactive multimedia systems for e-Healthcare applications / Authors:Amit Kumar Tyagi, Ajith Abraham, A. Kaklauskas

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-981-16-6542-4

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includes high-quality research on various aspects of intelligent interactive multimedia technologies in healthcare services. The topics covered in the book focus on state-of-the-art approaches, methodologies, and systems in the design, development, deployment, and innovative use of multimedia systems, tools, and technologies in healthcare. The volume provides insights into smart healthcare service demands. It presents all information about multimedia uses in e-healthcare applications. The book also includes case studies and self-assessment problems for readers and future researchers. This book proves to be a valuable resource to know how AI can be an alternative tool for automated and intelligent analytics for e-healthcare applications.

Subject: Artificial intelligence Medical applications, Intelligence artificielle en médecine, Internet des objets, Internet of things, Multimedia systems, Multimédia, Smart Healthcare Monitoring, Mobile Data Analytics, Intelligent Systems and Services, Security and Privacy, Smart Home Healthcare, Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems, E-Healthcare Applications Multimedia Communication Services, Intelligent and Automated Systems, Computational Intelligence, Multimedia Information Systems, Health Sciences