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Scorpion Venom Toxin محمد ياسر عيون ؛ يحيى ابراهيم ؛ حسين أبو جيب ؛ إشراف د. حورية القاضي

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Ph00176

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Neurotoxins are the main components of scorpion venom that are known to be responsible for the pathological manifestations of envenoming. These venoms are associated with high morbidity and mortality, especially among children. Besides neurotoxins, a wide range of other bioactive molecules can be found in scorpion venoms. Advances in separation, characterization, and biotechnological approaches have enabled not only the development of more effective treatments against scorpion envenomings, but have also led to the discovery of several scorpion venom peptides with interesting therapeutic properties. Thus, scorpion venom may not only be a medical threat to human health, but could prove to be a valuable source of bioactive molecules that may serve as leads for the development of new therapies against current and emerging diseases. The detrimental and beneficial properties of scorpion venom toxins and the newest advances within the development of novel therapies against scorpion envenoming and the therapeutic perspectives for scorpion toxins in drug discovery will be discussed.

Subject: Venoms, Scorpions, Therapeutics, Scorpion venoms, Ion channels, Peptides, Drug discovery, Toxin, Toxinology, Biological science disciplines, Health occupations