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The roles of variants in human multidrug resistance (MDR1) gene on drug response قيس شهم ؛ ساندرا كرمة ؛ انطون خوري ؛ خليل خوري ؛ إشراف د. وفيقة زرزور ؛ رامي جرجور

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: Ph00173

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MDR-1 belongs to a large family of ATP-binding cassette transporter proteins. These pumps bind their substrate and export it through the membrane using energy derived from ATP hydrolysis. In vivo and in vitro studies have demonstrated that MDR-1 plays a very significant role in the ADME processes (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) and drug-drug interaction (DDI) of drugs in humans. Moreover, this efflux transporter is not only expressed in tumor cells, but also in normal tissues (Brain, intestine, liver and kidney) with excretory function that limits oral absorption and central nervous system entry of many drugs.

Subject: ATP binding cassette transporter, Subfamily B, Member 1, Multidrug resistance, P-Glycoprotein, Neoplasms, Alzheimer disease, Therapeutic uses