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Personalized medicine نور الباروكي ؛ شيرين الجبر أبو فخر ؛ رهام صياغة ؛ إشراف د. عمار الراعي

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Ph00171

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The introduction of personalized medicine (PM) has been a milestone in the history of medical therapy, because it has revolutionized the previous approach of treating the disease with that of treating the patient. It is known today that diseases can occur in different genetic variants, making specific treatments of proven efficacy necessary for a given endotype. There is a growing attention towards personalized medicine. This is led by a fundamental shift from the ‘one size fits all’.. (Every year in the USA 2 million people die due to adverse drug effects, Drug efficacy is only in 60 % of the population - Other 40 % have poor drug effects or no effect at all ) paradigm for treatment of patients with conditions or predisposition to diseases, to one that embraces novel approaches, such as tailored target therapies, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Subject: Precision Medicine, Therapeutics, Genomics, Genetics, Medical methods, Genomics methods, Breast neoplasms, Primary care, Medicine