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The Gut Microbiome نبيلة نخال ؛ سميرة الناصر ؛ فاليريا شولغا ؛ إشراف د. محي الدين جمعة ؛ د. عفراء النقري

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Ph00140

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The gut microbiome is now becoming known for its role in metabolism, immune defense, and behavior. From in utero variations to those that rapidly occur post-partum, our gut microbiome changes with age, environment, stress, diet, and health status as well as medication exposure. The human microbiome have a greater complexity than the human genome itself and it is composed of communities of bacteria (and viruses and fungi).The human microbiome has a very important functions such as development of immunity, host nutrition including production of short-chain fatty acids important in host energy metabolism defense against pathogens, synthesis of vitamins and fat storage as well as an influence on human behaviors, making it an essential organ of the body without which we would not function in a perfect manner.

Subject: Gastrointestinal microbiome, Microbiota, Biological phenomena, Nutrition, Functional foods, proton pump inhibition, probiotics, gut barrier, Intestines microbiology, Gastrointestinal tract microbiology, Immunotherapy, Health