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Allergic rhinitis راما الرفاعي ؛ إسراء خولة ؛ فاطمة قدورة ؛ علا قهوة جي ؛ إشراف د. فؤاد الخضر

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Ph00134

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Allergic rhinitis is a very common disorder that affects people of all ages, peaking in the teenage years. It is frequently ignored, underdiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and mistreated, which not only is detrimental to health but also has societal costs. Although allergic rhinitis is not a serious illness, it is clinically relevant because it underlies many complications, is a major risk factor for poor asthma control, and affects quality of life and productivity at work or school. Management of allergic rhinitis is best when directed by guidelines. A diagnostic trial of a pharmacotherapeutic agent could be started in people with clinically identified allergic rhinitis; however, to confirm the diagnosis, specific IgE reactivity needs to be recorded.

Subject: Rhinitis, Allergic, Nose diseases, Respiratory Tract diseases, Otorhinolaryngologic diseases, Diagnosis, Pharmacotherapy, Immunotherapy