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Bacteriophage therapy : a potential solution for antibiotic resistance crisis مالك الجبة ؛ زاهر حامد ؛ إشراف د. سامر الزعبي

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Ph00133

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For many years, humans have been fighting with bacteria, in a matter of fact, bacteria have been winning for the last decade, becoming resistant to every weapon we have; The antibiotics. In order to win the fight humans had to think of alternative ways, like viruses. There is a special type of viruses that have been in a war with bacteria for millenniums, Bacteriophages. Bacteriophages (or phages), the most abundant viral entity of the planet. On the basis of their unique characteristics and anti-bacterial property, phages are being the freshly evaluated taxonomically. Phages replicate inside the host either by lytic or lysogenic mode after infecting and using the cellular machinery of a bacterium. Phage became an important agent for combating pathogenic bacteria in clinical treatments and its related research gained momentum. However, due to recent rise of bacterial resistance on antibiotics, applications of phage (phage therapy) become an unavoidable option of research. In this dissertation, the advantage and limitations of Bacteriophages for use in humans will be discussed. Furthermore, this dissertation deals with recent development of its application in the areas of biotechnology.

Subject: Phage Therapy, Bacteriophage therapy, Therapeutics, Anti-Bacterial agents, Antibiotic, Pharmaceutical sciences, DNA replication, DNA repair, DNA damage, Bacteriophage T4