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Using CAMELS as an early warning indicator to predict financial failure in Syrian banks during Covid-19 (Analytical study on a sample of Syrian banks) أماني محمد ياسر سيف ؛ هديل سليم رغفان ؛ سارة مصطفى حزريني ؛ إشراف د. ليلاس اللحام

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00066

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Banks play an important role in financing economic development through their impact on the performance and effectiveness of deposit mobilization and other banking services. Thus, the financing of economic activity is affected, and therefore the performance of banking system is considered as one of the important requirements for the development and the growth of the national economy, Since the safety and stability of the economy of a particular country based on the stability of its banking system. Banks serve as backbone to the financial sector, which facilitate the proper utilization of financial resources of a country.

Subject: Business, Banks and Banking, Economy, Financing, Economic Development, Financial Failure