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The Impact of Leadership Behavioral Integrity and Trust on the Employees’ Organizational Trust: Empirical Evidence from The Private Health Sector in Syria سنا وائل ملص ؛ علا محمد ماهر ابو قورة ؛ سوزان سعيد كرباج ؛ إشراف د. سيرين دالاتي

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00057

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This research examines the effect of leader trust and leader behavioral integrity on the employee’s organization trust. Based on the assumption that there is a direct link between leader trust and leader behavioral integrity (Independent Variables), on organization trust (Dependent Variable), we have examined the relationship between these variables. The research methodology applies a deductive quantitative approach that collects quantifiable data by using survey instrument. Sampling strategy included interviewing employees across different hospitals which makes up 84.37% of the data, and from an online form that was shared on social media platforms making 15.62% of the data.

Subject: Business, Leadership, Leader behavioral integrity, Leader Trust, Organizational Trust, Organizational commitment, Health care, Organizational citizenship behavior, Effectiveness