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Earnings Management Practices and Its Impact on Companies Average Stock Prices محمد إياد محمد أيمن المنديلي ؛ تالة حسان النص ؛ إشراف د. محمد نور كرمه

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00054

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This study aimed to examine the relationship between Earning's Management and the Stock Price Liquidity for a selected sample of (31) Jordanian industrial Companies listed on Amman stock market for The period of (2017-2021), the importance of this study comes from The Obvious effect of Earning's Management on the Companies Performances by manipulating the Financial reports in Positive or Negative way, therefore this study attempted to examine such impact or Relationship between the dependent variable (Stock Liquidity) and The independent variable (Earning's Management) , using the modified Jonas model through the description analysis to find out the Earnings management practices and using the (SPSS) analysis System to prove the study assumption.

Subject: Business, Earnings Management, Companies Stock, Earning management, modified Jonas model, industrial companies