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The role of six sigma culture in supporting the organizational culture in Syrian banks محمد طارق علي كردي ؛ عبد الرحمن كنان محمد شورى ؛ نورس أحمد مدني ؛ أحمد يوسف الطحان ؛ إشراف د. ليلاس اللحام

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00053

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This study aimed to try to try to highlight on the impact of the new administrative methodologies (six sigma) on the culture of a sample of banks in Syria (the International Islamic Bank and Al-Sharq Bank) and the extent of the banks' willingness to apply the Six Sigma approach. The results of the comparison between the two banks showed that there were statistically significant differences between the two banks in favor of Syria International Islamic Bank, as it has more six sigma components in all cultures than the components of Al Sharq Bank.

Subject: Business, Six Sigma, Banks and Banking