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The Role of Internal Audit in Improving Internal Control: -A Case Study in an Insurance Company- ليلاس بهاء الدين محمد الزريقي ؛ إشراف د. رياض عبد الرؤوف

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00049

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This research aims to clarifying the definition of internal audit and how developing internal control and give recommendation to improve controls. research was approached as a case study on an insurance company in Syria of 2021 by using primary and qualitative data with the motor department, the medical, life and travel department, and the technical department and randomly withdraw sample for each claims and policies to evaluate controls and keep up with policies and procedures. Internal audit has a big role to avoid and protect companies from mistakes, omission and fraud and provide value to company and to reducing the risks. Internal audit influences an organization positively by service assurance of internal control.

Subject: Business, Internal Control, Internal Audit, Case Study, Insurance