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The Relationship between Female BOD Membership, Audit Fees and Firm Value (An Applied Study on Listed Insurance Companies in DSE) هنا عبد الدايم مهباني ؛ حلا محمود خضير ؛ مها محمد خالد الرجولة ؛ إشراف د. رشا الجرد

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Bus00041

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This research was aimed to explain the relationship between female existence in BOD, audit fees, and Firm Value. To achieve that goal, the research depended on practical study; by extracting an actual data from the (7) companies’ financial reports of the Listed companies at Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE), from insurance sector that data were about the female existence in BOD, audit fees, and Firm Values which were measured by using market value on 31/12 from each year from the research period (2020-2019-2018). The extracted data were then analyzed by SPSS using descriptive statistics, simple linear regression test, ANOVA test to examine the research hypothesis.

Subject: Business, Female BOD Membership, Firms