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The impact of social responsibility activities disclosure on financial performance سارية ماهر اللحام ؛ محمد جواد ماهر زنبركجي ؛ محمد هادي عطية ؛ إشراف د. رشا الجرد

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Bus00040

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This research was aimed to explain the impact of CSR activities on companies financial performance. To achieve that goal, the research depended on practical study; by extracting an actual data for the years (2016) to (2020) of (9) companies’ financial reports from the Listed companies at Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE), that data were about for the following companies: Syrian Kuwaiti insurance, United insurance, Al-ahliah lilnqal, United publishing advertising and marketing, Nama, Bank BEMO, Bank Al-Arabi, Badia Cement, Al-Ahlia Oils.

Subject: Business, Financial Performance, ROE, ROA