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An Economic Feasibility Study Of Extracting Electrical Energy From Solar Panels حنين أيمن جوديه ؛ كنان غسان حسون ؛ ماهر محمد هشام حمزة ؛ حاتم بلال الخطيب ؛ إشراف د. واثق أبو عمر

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00037

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The research is a case that study depends on both secondary and primary data. Secondary data should be collected from the firms producing the photo panels(local and foreign) and those that working in this field in addition to the data of the ministry of electricity in Syria and the national center of power, while primary data should be collected by interviews with the persons working in electricity field .Then the traditional steps of commercial profitability analysis should be followed starting in pre-feasibility study passing the detailed feasibility study steps which, in turn, consists of the following phases : market study , technical study , financial study in order to reach the estimated net cash flows that should be used in analyzing the project feasibility depending on all criteria both traditional " payback-period . Simple rate of return" and economic criteria " net present value and the internal rate of return”.

Subject: Business, Solar Energy, Electrical Energy, Feasibility Study