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Business Plan : Telepherique Du Bludan أسامة عرفات ؛ عمار العظمة ؛ رومانس قاروط ؛ إشراف د. جهاد يعقوب

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Bus00019

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Telepherique Du Bludan is one of the most prominent tourist attractions that targets tourists and visitors from all over the world and it’s a unique and unconventional experience. Bludan area has a strategic location and we should give it more spotlights since it has a wonderful weather in the winter and in the summer, In order to stimulate domestic tourism, we have implemented a project to construct a cable car in the Bludan area in an entertainment complex, and this is something that does not exist in Syria and encourages tourism in the winter to transport people to heights for the possibility of enjoying snow and practicing snow activities, and in summer it can be used to transport people to the top of the height and get a beautiful view in great weather And enjoyment in outdoor activities that are not found in Syria, and this adds a competitive advantage to our project.

Subject: Economics and Finance, Marketing, Sales promotion, Financial study