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The Impact of The Macroeconomic Variable on Saudi Arabia Stock Market from (2005 – 2019) حسان خير ؛ تمام المغوش ؛ كاترين سلطي صيقلي ؛ همام معروف ؛ إشراف د. واثق أبو عمر

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Bus00016

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The study aim to examine the relationship between macroeconomic variables and the Saudi Arabia stock market over the period (2005 to 2019). The dependent variable used in this study are Ratios of public debt to GDP (D/GDP), Average per capita income (APCI), and Interest Rate, Gold volume and Oil Price, Gross domestic product and the independent variable is the market index “Tadawul All Share index (TASI)”. In the results we could not find a linear equation because P-value was bigger than ALFA in the NOVA test, and the reason is mentioned in the study.

Subject: Macroeconomic, Tadawul Saudi Stock market (TASI), Oil price