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The Impact of Market Makers on Liquidity at Bahrain Bourse نديم راغب معمر ؛ روبيرت سامر الأحمر ؛ إشراف د. سليمان موصللي ؛ د. رازي محي الدين

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Bus00011

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We compare between two types of trading systems at Bahrain Bourse; the first one is called auction trading while the second one called market making. We wanted to know which would could offer more liquidity and more activity on selling / buying securities. We use paired sample t-test to compare trading volumes of both trading systems and find that trading volumes increases upon the application of new trading system. This study gives important insights to the management of Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) and recommends the need to a move to market makers system to avoid continuous changes in reference prices upon the activation of article 35 of trading regulations.

Subject: Marketing, Market maker, Liquidity in the ETF Market, Money making, Banks