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Highway ريما بسام القباني ؛ عمر محمد لؤي المرابط ؛ إشراف د. جهاد يعقوب

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Bus00007

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Our idea was generated as a result of the technical and technological shift in almost all industries and its endorsements in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and serving a wider range of targeted beneficiaries. Three words this business was built on: TRUST, VALUE, and ETHICS. These words are far more endorsed than what the project might explain in terms of business methods, implementations, and processes, but the real aim whether internally or externally is to share the responsibility of improving our industries with creative, competitive ,and relabel business models that could put companies on the wheel of quality improvement and potentially wider the range of the jobs market.

Subject: Private universities - Syria, Money making, Transportation, Car Sharing, GPS