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The Sun Gate Hotel & Resort Marketing Plan محمد قصي بشر الحافي ؛ إشراف د. جهاد يعقوب

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Bus00005

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The Sun Gate Hotel & Resort invested a location at the Coast of Latakia to open up new doors for people to enjoy and relax and entertain themselves with high quality of services and amenities. The Sun Gate Hotel & Resort will follow the desire of customers who seek more exciting, breathtaking, relaxing experience, and a luxuries services and hospitality methods, and rooms and accommodation facility that includes all equipment required to satisfy and treat our customers with an expert well trained staff. There are many reasons for choosing the investment of the hotel & resort; The Sun Gate Hotel and Resort wants to make a new brand name of its own and a positioning in the customers' minds letting them enjoy every moment to lead them to satisfaction.

Subject: Marketing Plan, The Sun Gate, Based Brand Equity, Hotels, SWOT Analysis, Management Development