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Odell's clinical problem solving in dentistry / Avijit Banerjee, Selvam Thavaraj

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 9780702077005

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Explores care planning and treatment alternatives and evaluates their advantages and disadvantages as well as medico-legal implications Integrates material from all the dental disciplines in order to cover an extensive range of clinical problems which will be encountered in daily practice A practical approach to learning - includes a large number of real-life clinical cases including those relevant to new techniques and issues such as implantology, use of CAD-CAM, CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) Designed to help the reader use the knowledge gained in a clinically useful, practically applied format Highly visual guide with more than 350 colour illustrations, artwork and tables presenting clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow structure

Subject: Dentistry, Bouche Maladies, Bouche Maladies Traitement, Case Reports, Dental Care, Dental therapeutics, Dentisterie, Dents Maladies, Dents Maladies Traitement, Mouth Diseases, Mouth Diseases Treatment, Soins dentaires, Teeth Diseases, Tooth Diseases