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Guide to periodontal treatment solutions for general dentistry / Tobias K. Boehm, Sam Chui

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 9781626238008

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A concise textbook on periodontics geared towards dental students, residents, and early career general dentists. Each chapter includes cases and evidence-based practice exercises that illustrate key concepts and enable application of these concepts through independent study or non-lecture based teaching methods. This book is arranged in a logical sequence mirroring the manner in which patients present with periodontal disease, from the initial exam to state-of-the art treatments. The opening chapters cover gingivitis and disease basics, data collection, epidemiology, classification systems, and diagnosis. Subsequent chapters encompass a wide array of nonsurgical and surgical approaches for treating issues such as gum pockets, furcation, gingival recession, mucogingival defects, and tooth mobility, as well as when to refer patients. The latest methods for controlling gingival inflammation are discussed, including scaling and root planing, systemic and local antimicrobial therapy, antiseptics, lasers, and photodynamic therapy

Subject: Dentistry, Dentisterie pratique, Dentistry practice, General Practice, Dental, Peridontal disease, Peridontics treatment, Periodontal diseases therapy