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Principles of Mobile Communication / Gordon L. Stüber

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 978-3-319-55615-4

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Features new content on 4G cellular systems, 5G cellular outlook, bandpass signals and systems, and polarization, among many other topics, in addition to a new chapters on channel assignment techniques. Along with coverage of fundamentals and basic principles sufficient for novice students, the volume includes finer details that satisfy the requirements of graduate students aiming to conduct in-depth research. The book begins with a survey of the field, introducing issues relevant to wireless communications. The book moves on to cover relevant discrete subjects, from radio propagation, to error probability performance, and cellular radio resource management. An appendix provides a tutorial on probability and random processes.

Subject: Wireless communications, Communications engineering telecommunications, Computer input-output equipment, Computer networking & communications, Computers Data Transmission Systems, Electronic Data Interchange, Electrical engineering, Engineering, Génie électrique, Imaging systems & technology, Mobile communication systems, Ordinateurs Équipement d'entrée-sortie, Radiocommunications mobiles, Technology & Engineering Electronics General, Technology & Engineering Telecommunications, Electrical engineering