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Converged Communications: Evolution from Telephony to 5G Mobile Internet / Erkki Koivusalo

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 1119867509

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The central theme of the book is to build deeper understanding about incremental technological progress by introducing both state of the art and their predecessor technologies. The book explores four main areas, including fixed telephone systems, data communication systems, mobile cellular systems, and IP multimedia systems. It clearly explains architectures, protocols, and functional procedures, and discusses a variety of topics ranging from physical layer processes to system level interactions. Converged ­Communications offers: In-depth treatments of fixed telephone and transmission systems, including operation of telephone exchanges and signaling systems Comprehensive explorations of data communication systems, including transmission of data over telephone lines and data network technologies, such as Ethernet and TCP/IP Incisive discussions of mobile cellular systems, including GSM, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and 5G Insightful analysis of incremental system evolution to justify various design choices made The book is supported with extensive online appendices, which covers communication system concepts, an overview of standardization, various technologies used in the past, state-of-the art technologies such as WLAN, cable modems, and FTTx, complementing the other systems described in the book which have evolved from the fixed telephone network.

Subject: Communications engineering, 5G mobile communication systems, Mobile communication systems Technological innovations, Communication Technology