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Plants as medicine and aromatics : pharmacognosy, ecology and conservation / Mohd Kafeel Ahmad Ansari

Publication year: 2023

ISBN: 9781032117744

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Herbal medicines have consistently demonstrated several major advantages, including a lack of serious adverse side effects, long-lasting curative impact, and an overall cost-effectiveness. Even today, with a plethora of modern pharmaceutical medicines commonly available, plant-based medicines and aromatics are increasingly in demand throughout the health sector globally, where they are used not only for the treatment of disease but also preventatively for maintaining good health. Thus, currently almost two-thirds of the world's population willingly seek side-effect-free alternatives to modern medical treatments and thus depend on phytomedicine for their primary health care.

Subject: Pharmacology, Botany, Aromatic plants, Herbs Therapeutic use, Alternative Medicine, Medicinal plants, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Complementary medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Bioscience, Botany & Plant Science