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Cosmetic creams development and formulation of effective skin care products / Wilfried Rahse

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 3527343989

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A guide to cosmetic creams that focuses on formulation, production, and safety concerns. It puts the focus on the structure and formulation of a cosmetic cream, the production process, the effect of each ingredient, as well as safety considerations. Comprehensive in scope, the book contains a basic definition of cosmetics and describes the types of skin creams currently on the market, the major ingredients used, and example compositions. The author, Wilfried Rähse?a noted expert on the topic?offers guidelines for estimating manufacturing costs and includes procedures for an effective safety assessment.

Subject: Cosmetic, Esthetic Dermatology, Cosmétiques, Creme, Flavor, Perfume et Cosmetic Science, Medical Science, Particle Technology et Product Design, Peau Soins et hygiène, Produits cosmétiques Industrie et commerce, Cosmetics