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Plant and Human Health, Volume 3 : Pharmacology and Therapeutic Uses / Munir Ozturk, Khalid Rehman Hakeem

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-04408-4

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Early anthropological evidence for plant use as medicine is 60,000 years old as reported from the Neanderthal grave in Iraq. The importance of plants as medicine is further supported by archeological evidence from Asia and the Middle East. Today, around 1.4 billion people in South Asia alone have no access to modern health care, and rely instead on traditional medicine to alleviate various symptoms. On a global basis, approximately 50 to 80 thousand plant species are used either natively or as pharmaceutical derivatives for life-threatening conditions that include diabetes, hypertension and cancers. As the demand for plant-based medicine rises, there is an unmet need to investigate the quality, safety and efficacy of these herbals by the “scientific methods”

Subject: Plant Biotechnology, Plant Genetics, Agriculture, Chemical Bioengineering, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Pharmaceutics, Plant-based medicine, Secondary metabolites, Alternative medicine, Molecular pharming, Medicinal and aromatic plants, Genetic engineering, Botanical chemistry, Chimie végétale, Medicinal plants, Plantes médicinales, Plants, Medicinal