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Functional Hydrogels in Drug Delivery : Key Features and Future Perspectives / San Ping Jiang; Jian Liu

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 9780367782023

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Deals with the synthesis and characterization of hydrogels specifically used as drug delivery systems. Each chapter includes the most recent updates about the different starting materials employed--whether natural and synthetic--and the improvement, such as modifications of synthetic approach and polymerization technique, of their physicochemical and biological properties to synthetize high performing carriers for specific uses, i.e. stimuli-responsive materials, molecularly imprinted polymers, mucoadhesive materials, carrier for the delivery of high molecular weight drugs, and gene-delivery.

Subject: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Chimie pharmaceutique, Colloids Biotechnology, Colloids in medicine, Colloïdes en médecine, Medical Pharmacology