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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients / Sheskey, Paul J Cook, Walter G Cable, Colin G

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: 9780857112712

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Recognised as the world’s most authoritative source of information on pharmaceutical excipients. It provides you with a one stop resource when researching an excipient for use. The 400+ monographs are also thoroughly cross referenced and indexed to allow their identification by chemical, non proprietary or trade names. Content include: - Over 420 fully referenced excipient monographs, many including IR, Raman, and NIR spectra - 13 new monographs including several amino acids and hydrated silicon dioxide - 250 existing monographs reviewed - New chapters include excipient selection for orally inhaled and injectable formulations

Subject: Pharmaceutical Excipients, Oral Solid Dosage Forms, Injectable Formulations, Orally Inhaled Dosage Forms,