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Cirrhosis and New Treatment / Marah Al-Akel ; Samih Waiss ; Amr Al-Qaq

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00126

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The liver organ in the human body is located in the abdominal-pelvic space below the diaphragm. It is responsible for metabolic functions. This research talks about the liver anatomy and its functions as well as the liver cirrhosis that defined as the histological development of regenerative nodules surrounded by fibrous bands in response to chronic liver injury that leads to portal hypertension and end stage liver disease. Recent advances in the understanding of the natural history and pathophysiology of cirrhosis, and in treatment of its complications, resulting in improved management, quality of life and life expectancy of cirrhotic patients. At present, liver transplantation remains the only curative option for a selected group of patients, but pharmacological therapies that can halt progression to decompensated cirrhosis or even reverse cirrhosis are currently being developed.

Subject: Fibrosis, Pathologic Processes, Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Portal Hypertension