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Shilajit / Lilas Moubarak ; Reem Al-maamoun ; Abeer Al-sweis

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00125

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Shilajit is a blackish brown and sticky magic herebomineral .It is found primarily in rocks of the Himalaya and is collected in small quantities from steep rock faces at altitude between 1000_50000 m fossils that have been compressed under layers of rocks for hundreds of years and have undergone a high amount of metamorphosis due to the high temperature and pressure conditions prevalent there Shilajit commonly used in ayurvedic medicine shilajit in its natural form is often contaminated by varying amounts of heavy metals mycotoxins and free radicals so we have to follow some steps to remove these toxicants.There are various methods described in ayurveda for removing toxicants and the most important is triphala decoctionBesides Triphala decoction, Shilajit can be purified using cow urine or dashmool decoction Shilajit contains a humic substance fulvic acid (FA) and humic acid (HA) (60-80%), minerals (20-40%) and up to 5% of trace elements (Fe, Ca, Cu, Zn, Mg, Mn, Mo, P , etc..

Subject: Complementary Therapies, Therapeutics, Folk medicine, Medicine, Traditional, Diseases