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Drug Delivery Via Nasal Route / Hadia Salha ; Lama Daher ; Nada Alsaade

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00120

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Over the past 10 years, the interest in intranasal drug delivery has increased. The objective of this research is to summarize recent developments on intranasal administration for local and systemic delivery, as well as for CNS indications. Nasal delivery offers many advantages over standard systemic delivery systems, nevertheless, there are still formulation limitations and side effects to be optimized. Intranasal drug delivery in the field of drug development is an interesting delivery route for the treatment of neurological disorders. Systemic approaches often fail to efficiently supply the CNS with drugs. This research describes the anatomical, histological and physiological basis and summarizes currently approved drugs for administration via intranasal delivery. Further, the research focuses on advantages and disadvantages of intranasal applied compounds and discusses formulation aspects that need to be considered for drug development.

Subject: Drug delivery systems, Drug Carriers, Drug Therapy, Nasal route, Nasal drug, Nasal drug delivery, Pharmaceutical technology, Dosage forms