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The Hidden Messages in Drinking Water and Hydrotherapy / Myriam Saadeh ; Nour Albshara ; Ruba Abdallah ; Nour Sarji

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Ph00118

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Water is essential for life and maintaining optimal levels of hydration is important for humans to function well. Water makes up a large proportion of our body weight (60% on average), distributed between the intracellular (inside cells) and extracellular (water in the blood and in between cells) compartments. Water is the major component of body fluids, such as blood, synovial fluid (fluid in the joints), saliva and urine, which perform vital functions in the body. The concentration of solutes (osmolality) in body fluids is closely controlled, and even very small changes in osmolality trigger a physiological response; either to increase body water by reducing urinary output and stimulating thirst; or to excrete excess water as urine. Generally, body water is maintained within narrow limits. However, if water losses are not sufficiently replaced, dehydration occurs. Extreme dehydration is very serious and can be fatal. More mild dehydration (about 2% loss of body weight) can result in headaches, fatigue and reduced physical and mental performance. It is also possible to consume too much water and in rare cases this can result in hyponatraemia (low levels of sodium in the blood).

Subject: Drinking Water, Diet, Food, and Nutrition, Beverages, Diseases, Hydrotherapy, Watsu Therapy, Hair