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Medical Reprints : 3D Edition / Heba Alkhatib ; Wafaa Baalbaky ; Lilas Abdlly

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00108

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3D printing or additive manufacturing is a novel method of manufacturing parts directly from a digital model by using layer by layer material build-up approaches. This discovery is predicted to have the greatest impact on the future industries. Additive manufacturing has numerous applications in different areas including healthcare. Applications encompass many medical fields such as dentistry, surgery, and medical devices as well as the pharmaceutical field. Due to transplant donor deficiencies, ‘bioprinting’ has been invented to print biocompatible organs. Adding ‘time’ as a 4th dimension, 4D printing uses ‘smart materials’ to initiate the ‘smart drugs’ era.

Subject: Printing, Three-Dimensional, 3-D Printing, Technology, Industry, Information Science, Data Display, Equipment and Supplies, Bioprinting, Investigative Techniques