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Skin injuries & conservative treatments / Carol Hannoun ; Lana Massabni ; Oula Aljoudeh ; Shaza Dahdouh

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00091

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Skin is a barrier which protects the whole human body, however it is exposed to many damaging factors. The aim of our study is to describe the structure of the skin and we will focus on the most common causes of skin damage factors from natural sources such as sun exposure, which could harm the skin and there is a correlation in between it and increasing skin cancer. We will also discuss about wounds and burns since they both became a life threatening factors during the war in Syria therefore we will introduce the best and the most recent treatments and technologies including a case report about healing by stem cells, in order to reduce. Malformation of skin like a scar, and more important we will highlight the importance of new devices in early detection of skin cancer and conservative surgery of breast cancer patients. We were also concerned about the lack of knowledge. So we will mention cosmetic creams and procedures. For anti aging since wrinkles is a major factor of depression.

Subject: Skin, Dermatologic Agents, Skin injuries, Burns, Wounds, Damaged skin, Irritant chemicals, Botox, Collagen