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Practical Experiments of Anti-Antibiotics / Amer Burhan Al Dakkak ; Marah Saeed Almoalem ; Mohamad Zeyad Feyad ; Ghazal Jameel Alshghree

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: Ph00082

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Antibiotics are an essential part in medicine due to their efficacy against serious infectious diseases that are considered as life threatening in most cases. On the other hand, the microbiota residing in intestines is considered as an important organ in the human body that is very beneficial in many aspects, which if damaged or altered will result in several problems ranging from mild to severe complications that could be life threatening too. But several antibiotics may have a great impact on the microbiota altering it to considerable extents and causing secondary infections and diseases, many ways are suggested to minimize this impact, and we are suggesting a new way to minimize it be protecting the gut microbiota from the antibiotics when used parenterally, thus being able to acquire benefits wanted from antibiotics and eradicating the risk of their unexpected effects on the microbiota.

Subject: Anti-Bacterial Agents, Anti-Bacterial Compounds, Therapeutic Uses, Pharmacologic Actions, Chemical Actions and Uses