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The medical activity of salvadora persica / Nour Hazem Dbais ; Lama Amer Labbad ; Raghad Samih Alkawi

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00078

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The human mouth is inhabited from birth by many types and numbers of microbes that are both beneficial and harmful to the health of the mouth and teeth. Either. Multiple factors in the oral environment contribute to the multiplication and diversity of microbes, including in particular the regularity of natural teeth. The cleanliness and maintenance of artificial dentures, the amount of integrity and vitality of gum tissue and ligaments around the age, as well as an important factor relates to food quality. In the mouth, saliva deposits protein-sugar compounds that form thin, transparent layers called pellicle. The surfaces of the teeth (enamels), which helps the oral microbes to adhere to these layers and thus multiply and accumulate in large quantities and in the form of thin organic layers known as microbial dental plaque on the surfaces of the teeth, above and below edge of the gum. It is scientifically proven that if the teeth are not cleaned well or regularly daily and if the accumulation of plaque continues.

Subject: Salvadora persica, Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Antiacid, Dental care, Oral hygiene, Miswak, Hypolipidemic