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The Intrinsic Aspects of the Vigorous Placebo and Nocebo Effect / Dania H. Alfarra ; Dima M. Zind Alhadid ; Massa E. Alsamman

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00077

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The main objective of the study is to observe the physiological effects of the placebo and nocebo effects. A detailed elaboration about placebo drugs and placebo effects is presented in the theoretical part of this research, along with explaining the complicated pathways of the placebo effect‘s mechanisms. Further information about the nocebo effect is also explained with the factors that influence the degree of that effect. As for the practical research, the first procedure focused on revealing the placebo effect on opioid receptors. The first two days focused on conditioning the mice and by the third day, the results were compared to show if there was a placebo effect tendency according to the length of the response latency.

Subject: Placebo effect, Nocebo Effect, Quality of Health Care, Public Health, Placebo Response