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Microbiome / Maya Assoul ; Maria Botros ; Christeen Jreige ; Grace Al Marri

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00065

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Despite the increasing interest of healthy or fat as well sick people in selecting a suitable diet for them, as nutrition is becoming an interesting area recently, in contrast to that we have noticed that there is almost a rare or no interest in Microbiome field in our country by which we can be much more accurate in selecting a diet based on comparing a map of microbiomein healthy person with ill person individually to provide a patient with the right missing food to improve his immune system, or even for a child since birth, to build the best immune system as we compared the benefits of mother’s milk, and artificial one, therefore we will focus in our study on this new science for two reasons the first is to present it and secondly to integrate it in the practice by interested doctors.

Subject: Microbiota, Human Microbiome, Microbiological Phenomena, Diseases