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Food Safety and Ways to Prevent Life-Threatening Pollutants ; Malek Al-Fatal ; Jack Al-Arbaji ; Jean Yabroudi

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00058

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The fears regarding food safety started long time ago, and till this very moment of ours, the international organizations and INGOs pay lots of hard work to minimize and achieve reduction in the effects and the suffering caused to people around the world by contaminated foods each year. This research talks about the main patterns of food contaminants, and they are chemical, physical, biological, and last but not least the contamination caused by radioactive substances. It is also important to talk about the methods of precaution and protection against the diseases and illnesses produced by contaminated foods, as well about the role of INGOs which are dedicated and specialized in law and regulations enactment for bounding the incidence of food contamination in the world, for raising the public awareness towards food safety, and to keep up with the latest updates of events. This research also contains vast Information about Covid-19 and its spreading process via contaminated food.

Subject: Food Safety, Food Quality, Environment and Public Health, Food Safety measures, Food contamination, Chemical contaminants, Physical Contamination, Biological Contamination, Incidence