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Disorders of the Oral Cavity / Ammar Bazer Bashi ; Jameel Alsleman ; Walaa Alasmar

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00053

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The oral cavity is the part of the mouth behind the teeth and the gums surrounded by the soft palate, which is the movable layer hanging from the back of the hard palate and ending in the nasal cavity and under the tongue and the mucous membrane connecting it with the inner part of the jaw. It forms the first part of the digestive system. It is considered the entrance of food and drink into the digestive system and an entrance to the air into the respiratory system and it contains the teeth through which the chewing process begins, and on the tongue, which plays a fundamental role in the process of taste and swallowing and is also used by humans in speech to communicate with others, and animals use it to make sounds.

Subject: Mouth, Digestive System, Periodontal Disease, Dental Caries, Oral cancer