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Dangerous of Pharmaceutical Waste From Hospitals and Homes on Human and Environment / Ahmad Alkhateb ; Elaf Al Oleij ; Mahmoud Al Sallakh

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00052

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The occurrence of pharmaceuticals in environment originating from hospitals and household waste has received increased scientific attention during the last decades because more than 100 different drugs have been detected in the aquatic environment at concentrations from the nanogram (ng) to the μg/l range. This research talk about improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste, impacts of some drugs included in like metals, endocrine disruptors, and various compounds that are dangerous for aquatic and human lives. The safe disposal and management of pharmaceutical waste. The origin of this problem begin due to lack of awareness about this issues beside there is no training or courses for pharmacists and people work in medical departments on pharmaceutical waste management during their academic addition, this research also talk about how to reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals waste and environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways for handling this waste, beside increase the awareness to overcome this problem.

Subject: Pharmaceutical Waste, Hazards, Toxic effects, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Waste management, Human