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Cosmeceuticals as Game Changers in the Cosmetic Industry / Mariana Azar ; Batoul El-Halabi ; Massa Salahi

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00050

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Objectives of this work is to compare conventional cosmetics to biotechnology derived cosmeceuticals in terms of skin anti-aging, skin color modulation and hair growth, and to find out which is of greater overall performance. Research revealed superiority of cosmeceuticals to classical cosmetics as it was found that many classical cosmetic agents used for aesthetical purposes posed a certain level of either ineffectiveness, for the reason that the effect did not treat the cause of the problem and was merely temporary and external, or harmfulness because of proposed potential health risks and adverse effects. Whereas cosmeceuticals presented promising novel mechanisms and compounds for a deeper, more thorough remedy.

Subject: Biotechnology in Skincare, Bioactive Compounds, Skin aging, Enzymes, Biotechnology in Haircare