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Community-Acquired Pneumonia / Aya MHD Walid Darwish

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00048

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This labor will discuss community acquired pneumonia as a disease associated with death and as a problem in order to solve it. As a disease I showed a definition of it, how it occurs, the sign and symptoms, risk factor, epidemiology, mortality, causes, and pneumonia in children. And as a problem I present how the world deals with this disease and suggest how we should deal with it in our country abilities, By mention satisfactory and studies associated with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of CAP then discuss it all one by one in way that produce good quality according to our facilities.

Subject: Pneumonia, Lung Inflammation, Lung Diseases, Infections, Pathogens, Pneumonia, Bacterial diagnosis, Pneumonia, Viral diagnosis, Infectious diseases, Bacterial pathogens, Bacteria, Virology