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Bioequivalence of Topical generic products / Aya Mando ; Aya Ibrahim ; Doha Al-laham

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00045

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Bioequivalence (BE) assessment of topical dermatological products is a long standing challenge. The development of generic topical dermatological products has often been hampered due to the limited number of acceptable approaches, which are capable of determining the BE between generic products and reference list products. Currently, except in the case of dermatological corticosteroids, the golden rule to establish the BE of most topical dermatological products still heavily relied on clinical endpoint trials, which are often unreliable, time-consuming and expensive. The regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical industries are forging ahead to the development of new surrogate BE assessment approaches for other topical dermatological products. These promising approaches include dermatopharmacokinetic study (DPK), dermal microdialysis (DMD), near-infrared spectrometry (NIR), and confocal Raman spectroscopy (CRS).

Subject: Bioequivalence, Therapeutic Equivalency, Pharmacokinetics, Topical generic products