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Best Diagnostic Tools And Supportive Medication For Cancer Patients / Hebatallah AlFaham ; Diana Amasha ; Roula Al Koudmani ; Rama Hammoudeh

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00044

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Cancer is still a lethal disease despite the development of new effective therapies; therefore the purpose of our study was to improve the patient's outcome by looking for the best diagnostic tools, secondly to improve radiotherapy resistance since about 50% of all cancer patients are treated with it. The fir st par t of our study will be per formed in Alkhatib center and the selection of that hospital was upon its highly sensitive diagnostic tools, in which PET/ CT scan was playing a major role to improve survival as shown in few repor ts in our study, and it’s the only safe diagnostic tool for a per son who has a metal fragments after injury in the war which increased the number of such patients in our country dur ing the last decade. This diagnostic tool is based on FDGin which we can define the tumor by using sugar more than normal tissue.

Subject: Neoplasms, Cancer, Tumor, Diagnostic Tools, Supportive Medication, Thyroid cancer, Medical informatics