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Adverse Food Reaction / Mustafa Haidar ; Tarek Darwish

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00041

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Adverse food reaction is a broad term indicating a link between an ingestion of a food and an abnormal response. Adverse reactions to foods, aside from those considered toxic, are caused by a particular individual intolerance towards commonly tolerated foods. Intolerance derived from an immunological mechanism is referred to as Food Allergy, the non-immunological form is called Food Intolerance. IgE-mediated food allergy is the most common and dangerous type of adverse food reaction. It is initiated by an impairment of normal Oral Tolerance to food in predisposed individuals (atopic). Food allergy produces respiratory, gastrointestinal, cutaneous and cardiovascular symptoms but often generalized, life-threatening symptoms manifest at a rapid rate-anaphylactic shock.

Subject: Food allergy, Food Toxicology, Food Hypersensitivity, Food adverse effects, Nutrition Disorders