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Food irradiation / Raeed Mimas ; Kassem Alagha ; Bana Massabni ; Dani Boutros

Publication year: 2017

ISBN: Ph00031

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Treatment of food by specific ionizing radiations to improve microbiological safety and storability is one of the most extensively studied technology of the XXth century. However, much of the research has been carried out in laboratories and it is still relatively underutilized commercially. Its application potential is very diverse, from inhibition of sprouting of tubers and bulbs to production of commercially sterile food products. The safety of consumption and wholesomeness of irradiated food have been extensively studied in international cooperations. Numerous international expert groups set up jointly by the FAO, the IAEA and the WHO, or the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission concluded that foods irradiated with appropriate technologies are both safe and nutritionally adequate. A Codex General Standard for Irradiated Foods and a Recommended International Code of Practice for Radiation Processing of Food have been developed.

Subject: Treatment of food, Food irrad, Food Preservation, Food Technology, Technology, Industry